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As an experienced rain gutter contractor in Orillia, Roofing For Less offers eavestroughs and rain gutters installation, cleaning, repair, and replacement services in Barrie, Midland, and other major locations in the Muskoka and Simcoe regions. Contact Roofing For Less for more information.

Why Do You Need Rain Gutters?

There’s a variety of reasons why your home needs functioning rain gutters, also known as “eavestroughs,” as they serve a number of purposes. As the top provider of rain gutters installation services in Midland, we at Roofing For Less advise our clients to make sure that their rain gutters are in good condition.

  • The first reason you should have eavestrough installation is it will save the foundation of your home. Without rain gutters, water will run down the side of your home and into the foundation, causing damage and possible flooding in your basement. And if water makes its way into your basement, it can cause wood rot due to moisture and can damage walls as well. Rain gutters will carry the water away from your home and prevent this damage.
  • Basement flooding is another possible issue that can arise from having blocked rain gutters or no gutters at all. Even a few inches of water can ruin furniture and appliances. Even if you have properly maintained eavestroughs, water can still cause damage to your lawn due to erosion. Be sure to have a drainage ditch or splash blocks to take the impact of the water stream.
  • Working rain gutters prevents damage to yard and lawn while increasing the value of your home. In fact, it may well be one of the first things that a potential buyer looks at.

  • Functioning eavestroughs also get rid of standing water, a common breeding ground for mosquitoes. As the leading provider of eavestrough installation, we recommend keeping your eavestroughs clean at all times. And best of all, keeping your eavestroughs clean means they will last longer.

Additional Services

Apart from eavestrough and rain gutters installation, we offer a range of roofing services including:

Residential and Commercial Eavestrough Services

Protect your property from water damage with regular maintenance services for your eavestroughs and rain gutters.

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