Affordable Drone Inspections in Orillia

Walking on a roof to conduct an inspection is not always the best and safest method. This is why Roofing For Less employs roofing drones to safely and accurately see any aspect of your roof. We now have the UAV technology and operator available to do a drone flight inspection of your roof, gutters and/or chimney area. Let our experts make your project as hassle-free as possible with our advanced technology. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Drone inspections are perfect for hard to reach areas or roofs that are too high to be easily accessed with our regular inspection. Our roofing drone provides high-resolution video as well as HD digital photographs that can be used to determine and diagnose any problems on the roof. The photography also allows us to zoom in on any problematic section to diagnose the issue and come to a resolution.


This service is also a cost-effective way to monitor your roof over time and have it periodically checked for any changes that may be occurring that are not visible from the ground. We can provide photographs that can be compared from one inspection to the next and repair or eliminate problems such as water pooling, cracks or deterioration before they become serious. We provide these drone inspections as part of some of our standard roof inspections as well as a stand-alone service without full roof replacement to diagnose a single problem area or to have a record that will track and monitor your roof’s condition as it ages over time.


Other Services

Apart from drone inspections, we offer a range of roofing services including:

Safe and Accurate Roof Inspections

Opt for our drone- based inspection to monitor your roof condition perfectly.

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